A guide for starting affiliate partners

A guide for starting affiliate partners


Step 1: Registration


Please sign up here: affil.top4running.XX / affil.11teamsports.XX / affil.top4football.XX (for example affil.top4running.de / affil.11teamsports.cz / affil.top4football.hu)



Click on the New registration button to register. Our affiliate program is committed to partner quality, so we'll review you a bit before entering and approving your account. Before we approve, we may call you or send you an email with questions, don't worry - we're helping our partners. Because your growth means more conversions for us - we're on the same boat.


Please wait for a confirmation email to confirm your account. Once approved by our affiliate manager, you can sign in to your account. 


Step 2: Language and currency


Our affiliate program should recognize the country you are logging in from and set up an language accordingly. However, if the language in your account is incorrect, you can change it in the left menu - Settings - Language. The same with currency. 


Step 3: Advertising elements


In the left menu please click on ad campaigns. You will see all our campaigns for all countries - please choose campaigns for your country ( we do have 2 campaigns in every country - one for running and one for football.)



The choice of ad elements reflects what you want to promote. In most cases, a classic affiliate link is sufficient. You'll find it in an ad campaign. Copy it and paste it to your website, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and so on. You can also hide it under any word (so that the link is not conspicuous), or you can also shorten it on sites like bit.ly, goo.gl, or tinyurl.com. The link will still work.




If you'd like to use an image banner, you'll find it in the same place - that is, in your campaign detail, just click the Advertising Elements tab in the top menu. Some campaigns tend to have a larger selection, some have fewer. Next to each banner you can see its name, dimensions, a link to where the banner goes, and finally the code that you can copy with one click.


You can paste this code into your site's source - the html editor. This will automatically show the banner exactly the size you chose. There is no need to download and upload the image, it will upload itself.


XML feed

Another advanced feature is the xml feed. It is still a current list of products offered by the e-shop. Partners can modify it and display all or some of the products according to the current state of the e-shop. If you need an XML feed, please request it at: affiliate@top4sport.com - we will send it after you approve the reason for use.

Step 4: Checking the correctness of the link and counting


If you have included your link, I recommend that you check that everything is in order and that clicks and subsequent conversions are being tracked.


How to:


Open an incognito browser window and copy exactly the link you just used. After the page loads, you can open a commission program, select the ad campaign tab again, and select the Statistics tab from the top menu.


You should then see the first click record in the table. If you make a test order, you should see a record of the conversion in progress next to the click in the Statistics item after the commission window has been restored after completing the test order. You can also recalculate whether the provider has correctly deployed codes. The commission amount should be calculated from the total amount of the order excluding shipping and VAT.


When ordering a test order, please order the cheapest product from our site, otherwise it may affect our statistics.


If everything counts correctly, you have won, now you can evaluate sales and improve individual promotional channels.


Promotional channels


If you plan to try multiple promotions, I recommend using a promotional channel to refine your results. Thanks to it, in the commission program - left menu - Statistics - Channel Report you will see which of the channels was more successful.


Step 5: The most important thing - billing


If you have been successful, and we believe so, you certainly deserve a reward.

Conversions that enter the commission program are usually in the Pending state. This means that they are waiting for the customer you brought to pay, and often also for the customer to return the goods within the legal deadline. Normally it is at least 30 days, but due to the current situation with coronavirus it is up to 60 days. We'll approve your conversions after this time.


When can I invoice?


You can invoice if you have enough approved conversions. The minimum billing amount is 1000 Kč/€ 40. If you have already exceeded this amount, you can apply for invoicing documents in the commission program: left menu - Billing. Once approved, you can issue an invoice and upload it in the same location as a PDF. The operator downloads it here and then cashes

When invoicing, please distinguish on which e-shops the conversion was created. You can find the documents in the payroll email.


If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us on affiliate@top4sport.com