FAQ: Billing section and payments

Q:Why are my conversions in pending/undecided state?

A: Every commission credited to your account is pending for 40 days.

During this time, the customer can return the goods or not pick them up, so we only pay commissions that are in the approved state. 


Q: When can I request a payment for my commissions?

A: You can request invoicing when you have at least 40 EUR of approved commissions.

Example of a partner who does not have enough approved commisions for payment request.


Q: What are my commission payment options?

A: You can pay out your commission in 2 ways:

  • 1. Invoice: create an invoice and upload it to the Affilbox system
  • 2. Voucher: email us at affiliate@top4sport.com and we will create voucher for you, which you can use on one of our  e-shops


Q: How can I request a payment for my commissions?

A: Go to the billing section (main menu) and click on the "ask for invoice" button in the upper right corner.

Please be patient, we need to approve this process. After approval, you will receive information and you can upload your invoice or request voucher.


Q: Can you send me money directly to my bank account? 

A: No, we cannot.

In order to pay out your approved commisions we need a tax document (invoice). Please, keep in mind that without an invoice, we are unable to send money to your bank account. 


Q: Can I send you an invoice even if I am not self-employed?

A: It is individually up to each partner whether he decides to invoice or not. Please be aware that each country has different rules/laws so be familiar with the obligations arising from invoicing. (e.g. tax obligations). Remember that you are invoicing to the EU (we are a Czech company). 


Q:What if I cannot issue an invoice?

A: If you cannot create an invoice, please email us at affiliate@top4sport.com and we will send you a voucher for shopping on our website.


Q:What is the PDF overview and where can I find it?

A: The PDF overview is a document generated by Affilbox after you request invoicing. It contains a list of e-shops from which you received a commission and other essential details. You must create an invoice based on this document, otherwise it will not be approved.

You can find the PDF overview in the invoicing section after clicking on the three dots next to your invoicing log. 

Example of PDF overview: 

Please keep in mind that PDF overview is not an invoice!


Q: How to create an invoice?

A: Please always create your invoice according to the PDF overview. 

Mandatory invoice details:

  • Billing information of Topforsport (PDF overview)
  • Billing information of the partner (you)
  • Invoice number (PDF overview)
  • Items - the list of the e-shops from which the conversion came (PDF overview)
  • Billing amount (PDF overview)
  • Currency
  • Account number (IBAN)


Q: How can I upload an invoice?

A: After you create your own invoice, please upload it to billing section (click on three dots - upload an invoice). 

Due date = +14 days

Invoice number (you can find it on PDF overview)

We will reimburse your invoice within 14 days, unless you stated otherwise in the invoice.